Here is a bunch of information on Compost Worms, Worm Farms and Compost Piles and how to recycle organic matter and improve your garden soil.

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Want to learn more about Compost Worms and Recycling?
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  •  Did you know that a Compost Worm is both a Boy AND a Girl. Every worm is a Mummy. And every worm is also a Daddy!
  •  Did you know Compost Worms are different to Earth-working Worms? You can't use worms dug from the garden in your Worm Farm.
  •  Compost Worms can "eat" anything that was once alive! What you feed your Worms really depends on the size and type of Worm Farm.

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Learn more about Compost Worms and Recycling

It takes 25,000 Compost Worms - about 6 kgs - to "eat" the organic waste from the average family of four. Being a success at worm farming is easier than you think!

D.I.Y. Corner

Making your own worm farm is easy - here's more information and plans. The most important things to keep in mind are Drainage and Air movement. The liquids have to get out and air has to get in! You can make a worm farm from your old Recycling Crate, a cone-shaped Compost Bin, Tyres, Bathtubs - the possibilities are unlimited! (See photos above).

Do-It-Yourself Worm Farms
How to turn your old recycling crate into a Wonderful Worm Farm
How to turn a cone-shaped compost bin into a worm farm
Recycling organic waste with a worm farm
Container-style worm farms such as the Can-O-Worms can be tricky. Here are tips that I've found make a big difference - and help you get the most out of this worm farm.
Tips for Container-style Worm Farms

Why have a worm farm?

Want to get more free information about building your own Worm Farm and get plans and ideas on Doing-It-Yourself? Want to learn how to speed up and improve Garden Compost and read reviews of the kinds of worm farms available?

Want to improve your Compost Pile?

Compost Piles can be improved by adding worms. To help establish the worm colony in your pile you will need to keep the pile moist and fed regularly with food scraps (see above information). Getting air in the pile is also important - and easy with a compost Mate tool (see video on our products page).

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