Earthly Delights Ltd is a small family business which started formally in 2006 - springing from the hobby interest of USA-born Annmarie Banchy.

Annmarie brought with her a great depth of experience of recycling systems and then trained in Christchurch with Bedrock Worms for nearly three years.

Over this time she developed networks in sustainability groups throughout Christchurch and studied soil science & organic gardening. Her hobby became a serious venture when she bought Bedrock Worms in 2007.

I watched Annmarie develop this enterprise from its earliest days. Our families first connected because our boys were friends at school and then we became closer as we recognised we shared many of the same principles.

When Annmarie determined she needed to return to the States she looked around for someone to continue the work she'd started. Which is where I came in.

I take the view that since we are what we eat, I'm in favour of anything which will improve the quality of our soil, therefore our food and ultimately our lives.

Dougal McEachen